Life isn't always fair and unfortunately baby loss, which is something close to our heart can be experienced by anyone. The statistics show 1 in 4 people will lose a child and theres nothing we can do to change that but there is something we can do to help the grieving process. That something will be called 'close to you'.
A little act of kindness which will hopefully become something that will bring a little bit of comfort to some grieving parents in  the UK.
Close to you, is going to be a free of charge service consisting of two identical small square comforters. One which can be left with your special boy / girl and one for the parent to keep to feel close to their child.
We are unsure how many we will be able to fulfil each month, we don't even want to think about ever saying no to anyone in such a terrible time but for now we are going to say 3 sets per month. We will write on here when we are full so that we never need to do that.
All you need to do is send us is this information in the contact box below and we will do the rest. 
Boy / Girl
Date needed by